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Couture Designs

Affordable & Custom Made Just for You


Frequesntly Asked Questions:

What Type of Couture Clothes Do You Design? 

  • Jumpsuit

  • Bridal Gown

  • Bat-Mitzvah Dress 

  • Business: Dress, Two-Piece, Jumpsuit, Pants

  • Bridesmaid / Mother's Dress   

  • Prom Dress

  • Casual Dress

  • Blouse

  • Skirt

  • Pants

How's Couture Prices Compared to Off-the-Rack Prices?

  •  Couture Prices end up lower than most retail brands.  Off-the-rack clothing must often be tailored which adds to the expense.   

How Long Does Couture Take? 

  •   ​Depending on the design, couture dresses and gowns may be ready in as little as as early as 10-14 days. More intricate work with special order fabrics may take 30 days. 

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